So I live in this appt with like 50 probably linksys router almost all with security. my signal keeps getting knocked out and loose connectivity. I set my router off the defaut channel but after a short time it looses signal as well. Short fixes like that pluse rebooting the modem and router, not in that order but are only short term fixes, 5 min - several hours; but nothing longer.

If channel switching is not enough in this appt, what else can i do?


not much! You could go 5.8GHz but that's expensive and not practical in your situation. If you are walking around your apartment, you could try putting in a wired AP on the far end, so the signal would be stronger.

Another thing you can try is to get smarter than the "opponents" with the channels. Remember that there are only 3 over-lapping channels on 2.4GHz - to find out which channel has the least traffic, download Network Stumbler.

Network Stumbler will take over your wireless card, reading the environment, and tell you what other networks are running, their channel, their relative strengths in relation to your card, etc. You will have to reboot the computer, probably, when finished to get back to normal usage.

Just look at what everyone else has set and then pick the one that's up against the least competition and as far away from the most used as possible.

THanks for the help.

Couple of follow ups.

Wired AP?? Network stumbler, does that constantly change channels as needed, does it require network or computer rebooting? How do I check other router channels? That may not be the problem, I was just guessing?

What about setting up a 2 repeaters, ( one being another linksys) I haven't done that before but how do i program another router like that as well as could it help? do I just need to make sure that both are 80...b and g? Also, I want to add in a airport print, network etc with a mac any familarity with that

anycase, is there any potential with doing something about ips and subnets, or changing the range of IP's that the router will access. I have a linksys router and think that I am competing with a variety of default hardware settings that I need to further configure to keep a more consistent signal in the APT?

I am not terribly savy with all this, butif I am signing up for an IT Blog I must be trying to get better heh!

Not sure how you "set the router off the default channel". So, open your browser and enter the address of your router, i.e., - you will then be asked for a username/password, the default is admin/admin unless you changed it, of course.

That will take you to your router setup screen. You didn't give a lot of info about your setup but you can change the channel there. Just go to the Wireless tab - while there you can also limit to "b" only or "g" only, depending on your computer's ethernet adapter if you want to try and further limit access. Since default is channel 6 choose 1 or 11 - if that's not working try 3 or 9 for example. Just try to get away from something others would choose.

The Network Stumbler I mentioned is a program you have to download from the web. If you can't do downloads, then don't worry about it - it takes some networking knowledge. If you do try to download it, it can tell you as you walk around the room whether you have a strong or weak signal from your router. If you feel this is too advanced, not to worry...and don't worry about the AP and such...we'll talk about it later if you need it.

Try setting the channel first. If I'm not being simple enough tell me and I'll go step by step until we get it setup correctly. zeroth

right on.

I have changed the channel. First I was on 6 which is default, then moved to either 9 or 11. Then one, now three.

So far three seems to be working well. maybe I have just found the empty channel.

Thanks for the responses.

What about the repeater router. is it almost the same set up? can I use a normal access point wireless router etc, or does it have to be a specfic repeater. HOw do I plug one of my spare routers and use it for stronger signal and set up a printer to it?

Thanks again.


the problem with another "repeater" is that you have to run a wire, i.e., if you can't get the signal with your computer, you can't get it with a wireless AP either. I've tried the little Linksys repeater (range expander) and it does work but it's probably not the best solution.

In my house, I have a wire run down the attic to the other side, where I have a Linksys WAP54G. Just google that model # and "linksys". I set that up with the same network name and security as my main router and if I walk over there with a wireless notebook, it just takes over...

So I downloaded that program and I could see what your talking about channel 3 was a good choice. But once I did that, it took over my network connection and loat connection the web.

So I uninstalled it, and am having to repy to this on mu BB. When I try and repai the connection it tells me that it cannot connet to the wireless network. I can't even view other netowrks. Wirless network wizard says "ebabled another program to manage connectio.".

I have like I said uninstalled the program and rebooted.

Ahhhh, I am way worse off now.


don't panic. You didn't need to uninstall the program.

As I said in the first post on Network Stumbler, when you want to get back to normal operation, you just need to reboot and the network adapter will work correctly.

So I walked away for a day and am ready to start a new. Net stumbler did not allow me back into normal operation after reboot.

Any other suggestions?


don't panic. You didn't need to uninstall the program.

As I said in the first post on Network Stumbler, when you want to get back to normal operation, you just need to reboot and the network adapter will work correctly.

I have a notebook that I use as a desktop with cable...just disconnected and came up on the wireless adapter. I'm looking at NetStumbler right now scanning the neighborhood routers...back in a moment, I'm going to change computers...

...so I'm on the notebook now and still watching NetStumbler scan...while typing this!

So, it's not NetStumbler causing the problem...I'm leaning now toward the card. Can you hook up via ethernet cable and run some tests? btw, what router and what ISP, etc?

OK, I'm now on the first computer...and the wireless connection crashed when I tried to look at my router setup page...interesting. So that's why I warned you about NS and rebooting. I'm now going to try and see what I need to do to get it back, which is why I'm running this test in the first place.

So what I've done to get back is to simply repair the wireless connection, which is what rebooting ostensibly would do also.

So, if you can cable up and play around and get the unit stable...I would then suspect the wireless adapter...