I recently start to have problem with my internet connection. Called ISP and they told me to run few tests when there is a problem.
One of them is tracert. The last test result was as follow and is confusing

Tracing route to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx over a maximum of 30 hops
  1  reports: Destination net unreachable.
Trace complete. is IP of the router on my home network Why is it confusing? If I understand corectly it is saing there is no connection at all. However, my laptop and desktop can see each other and are able to communicate, just not able to access internet.

Any ideas what is wrong? Or did I misunderstad functionality of tracert?

Tracert (or trace route) is just a ping that traces it's path.

ICMP is the protocol that allows you to ping something.

ICMP is probably disabled in your default gateway (the router or modem closest to the computer that you are pinging from).

try pointing your browser to and see if another protocol (HTTP) can connect. if so, you may want to browse the settings in your router/modem and enable ICMP response from LAN (not WAN if it gives you a choice)