I'm having some problems creating a network connection using IEE1394.

When I first recieved my laptop the networking tab of Task manager showed a chart/graph for both Local Area Connection and IEE1394. At the time I didn't really worry about it becasue it was of no use to me. Recently I bought a PCI IEE1394 adapter for my desktop and wanted to connect them via this method for fast file transfer. It was at this point that I noticed things had changed on my laptop. It may just be my imagination but it seems that since I upgraded to SP2 the TCP/IP has been disabled for IEE1394 and I do not know how to turn it back on again. Also I now notice that the Networking tab on task manager only shows the LAN speed. Also wanted to mention that ipconfig used to list the IEE1394 and LAN connections and now it only lists LAN.

The connection status still says connected but it has no IP address. Even if
I assign a static address from within the connection settings the status on
the support is left blank and the repair button gives me the "TCP/IP is not
enabled for this device" error message.

After talking to a couple of friends with 1394 connections (one with SP2 the other on SP1) I have discovered that SP2 seems to have removed the TCP/IP functionality. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the 1394 connection device and a suggestion from the MS forum to rebuild the winsock? (netsh winsock reset catalog).

Anybody got any ideas? I'm hoping it is as simple as activating a service or
Many Thanks

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SP2 changes firewire settings, and cripple thes bandwidth.. the information is available at www.microsoft.com you may want to go back to service pack1 you may want to check there is no LAN/1334 bridge if there is delete it

Hmm, thanks for your post. This could be concidered a bit cheeky but could you possibly be a bit more specific about the location of the info. The microsoft site is very big, and I've read through a whole host of SP2 stuff and can't see any mention of alterations to 1394 networking.

There are no bridges setup on the machines.

hmm if you google firewire networking you get lots of hits, also google "firewire sp2"

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