My server is co-located at an ISP. Several days ago, I receive a massive, continuously broadcast http traffic from 2 servers located on the same subnet.

I sniff the packet and found that it is all http response from that 2 site that get broadcasted. Until now ISP's network admin still can't solve the problem.

What can cause this problem? Is that servers doing broadcast traffic themself or is it a switch fault (cisco - don't know the model) or else?


Is it a real broadcast? (sent to or equiv for your subnet) If so, my guess is your server is not the only one getting squished.

Or do you mean continuous traffic from two servers are pounding your poor server directly?

Yes, the packet has destination broadcast MAC of ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff (Ethernet) but IP destination is to its client as usual.

And yes, all other servers on the same subnet get these as well.

All packet that get broadcast are those 2 web's outgoing web traffic which is include html, images, etc. continuously broadcasting :O

Do you think is this some kind of fault equipment or wrong wiring at ISP end?