my mate is having a problem with a cable and wireless router'modem
hes been connected to the internet with bt yahoo boardband modem and he wants to have the internet wirelessly to hes pc upstairs with a cable and wireless usb adapter
so i unistalled all the bt software and disconnected the modem
and connected the cable and wireless router'modem and set it up and the wireless adapter on the pc upstairs and got it all working

right the problem is it dont seem to connect to some websites only a few
it connects to google i can search but then it connects only to selective links found if any

any help would be great

Is it working when he is physically connected to the modem directly?

If so, what kind of router does he have?

Have you tried deleting cookies and temporary internet files? Or flushing the dns?

both pc's have the same problem they dont find all websites

its all works fine with the modem provided by BT on the main pc
but as soon as u change it over to the "Cable & Wireless" modem'router then then the websites come limited

i haven't deleted cookies or temp internet and flushed dns but i will try

i just think that one of the settings on the Cable & Wireless modem'router is setup right or Ive missed something

does it matter if the encryption is or not enabled
Darth Pickles