Hey all,

I have just purchased a Parckard Bell iMedia machine that came with vista installed. As I am an an Xp Pro I formatted the drive and installed XP PRO and after some searching managed to get all the drivers I needed bar the driver for the network card (above). I had an old LAN Card lying around which I installed and got working in the machine no problem but it is taking up a vital PCI Slot that I could be using.

I am just wondering has anyone came across the XP driver for the nForce Network Controller or even a third party one? I know the driver is part of chipset drivers and that it is improbable that I can get it sorted but this is my last resort as I have tried everything in my power to resolve.

Thanks, again, in advance.

OK, funny this but after months of searching and eventually posting here and asking I have resolved the issue!

Turns out that there have been no successes with an nforce driver but a third party driver in the form of Realtek one does the job would you believe?

Here is the driver: Realtek RTL8101E network driver ver 7.06

Here is the link

I supply this for anyone else who might be having trouble finding this a driver for their nforce network controller.

Hope it helps!

I am going to do the same and I was just trying to download all the xp drivers.
I'll let you know if it works for me.


Thsnks a million. After three hours or more searching for a compatible driver - & trying all sorts of weird & nefarious methods - YOURS is the only one that worked.

I'm upgrading a friend's HP tower from Vista to XP &, of course, dove in as usual - only to find that there's no NIC drivers for XP! I've had this problem before with proprietary PCs (mostly notebooks...) - it always prompts a lengthy internets search.

I've registered just to say: Thank You!


zarathustra =]

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