Hey people,

Looking for a bit of assistance. Went to take a look at a laptop today and set up the wireless networking on it.
It is a Fulitsu Siemens L1310G and the router is a Negear WGT624 V2.

I am able to connect wirelessly without any encryption but the minute I enable WEP or WPA-PSK and set a passphrase and try to connect the Windows Wireless networking utility just loops on "Aquiring network address" & "Automatic" therefore never obtaining one.
I appreciate that these lower end netgear routers are not up to scratch but surely a basic task such as this should be pretty easy.

Anyone any ideas on what the problem could be?

Thanks in advance.

I had the same problem...

Does your laptop just sit there getting an address and then says Limited Connectivity???

If so, i had the same problem... try reinstalling the wireless card drive :)


If your Internet Service provides a secure wireless connection to
internet ,only then you should enable the WEP(Wireless Encryption
Protocol) in the wireless network properties otherwise keep it disabled.

I hope this helps

Do a simple check @ the router...make sure the internet (cat5) cable is plugged properly into the back of the router internet port or check the wireless properties in the TCP/IP and make sure it is configured to DHCP...


I had similar problem which I want to share. My office have two Wireless Access Points one for internal and the other for accessing the internet (sound silly eh?). For two years I could switch to both. But recently one of the AP always gives me this "Acquiring network address..." forever. My co workers never had this problem, so it must be my computer. For months I use workaround by entering static IP address when I connect to problematic AP.

Jump to solution:
One day I stopped DHCP Client service and then restarted DHCP Client service, and everything worked fine again. Well... who would have thought. Probably DHCP client service keeps a cache of DHCP servers that only be flushed when it manually stopped.