Hi I'm kind of new here and I really need help ASAP. Basically the problem was reguarding my internet connection. I have a 2wire 2701 HG-B router/modem and I have 2 computers connected to the internet at home. I found out that the problem was I could connect to the internet with any ONE of the computer. Right when I connect the ethernet cable to my other computer, internet disconnects. The problem continues and the internet disconnects both of my computers every 30 minutes. Any help would be please. Thanks!:)

:| Idle timeout reached with your service. Make sure you have enabled dialing properties and then in dialing properties you have set it to disable call waiting.Devices on the same phone line can cause disconnects. Plug your modem phone line directly into the wall with no splitter or other devices on the same... upplug all devices from wall. To locate an offender, plug them back in one at a time and see which one causes the disconnect. Check modem reset: Some modems need to be manually reset even if you have the init string ATZ in extra settings. If it is an internal modem, cold boot your box for 1 minute. If it is an external modem turn the modem off for 20 seconds and then back on.A cold boot can often fix this. Some modems, like the Rockwell HCF and Rockwell 56soft do not autorenegotiate well and are very sensitive to line noise. by adding the init string AT+MS=V34, you disable 56k and usually help stay online. Software modems like the rockwell HCF and rockwell 56soft and the LTwinmodems, use processor power to process connection information. If, once connected, you open many process-intensive programs, you may slow the connection down enough to cause a disconnect.Check dialer properties for ip header compression and software compression settings. The Phone company can be doing work on the line, or a line can be worn and needs replacing phone line conditions, settings. Please check on "DON's Squirrel Theory" for origin of phone line noise.Updated modem drivers often can fix frequent disconnects by providing the latest firmwarm for the modem.