I have a LAN with seven comps connected through antenna via satellite and am using 8 switch port 1st port is uplink port for the antenna and the 2nd port is I don’t know (every time I plug internet connection I get 10MB whereas im supposed to get 100MB, therefore im using other ports from 2 till 8.. so my problem is that whenever I wanna get something from one computer to the other through sharing I cannot coz my comp cannot see each other.. neither pinging..

I have disabled firewall and they are in the same workgroup.. im using XP – porf. OS and I don’t have a clue what is going on..

Switch is not a brand name is regular 8 port switch.. so anybody has any idea what could the problem be..

thank you for your help folks

How are the computers getting their IP, gateway, DNS, etc. info? Are you assigning that info manually on each machine, or they obtaining it via DHCP or somesuch from your ISP.

Judging from the initial info you've given, it sounds like you need a router, not switch. However, if you could give us the make/model of the switch and a bit more specific info concerning your network setup overall, that would help.

Thnx Guys have sort it out .. it was the Antiviruse Internet Security 2004 problem

Grrr! I stopped counting the number of times that Norton or McAfee's firewall software has caused these kinds of problems!

However- in your first post you said that you had already disabled the firewall; what gives there?