I am trying to set up a wireless network with a Mac (OSX 10.2) a Windows XP and a Windows 98. I want to be able to share a cable modem connection which allows only 1 IP address at a time, but also files and printers, and a TV tuner thats in one computer, and a DVD player thats in a different one, and MP3's. I have been reading a lot of reviews trying to learn about this but I am clueless--- a lot of the reviews I have read say that various Linksys and NetGear products won't share files, etc. wirelessly, and that is basically the reason I want to do this. I also don't really understand the difference between an Access Point and a router, do I need both? I am clueless about this, please tell me what I need to buy and recomend what brand I need because I am scared to buy something that won't work, and I don't know what I am doing!! :?:

If you're getting an internet connection wirelessly, you'll be able to share files. The ability to share files isn't dependant on the networking hardware you have; it's dependant on your computer's support for sharing files (you shouldn't have any problems sharing files on a wireless connection; no matter what hardware you use).

The only problem you might run into is the Mac talking to the PCs. I know that on OSX 10.3, if you go into the Finder, on the menu bar you can hit Go -> Connect to Server. When that box comes up, just type in smb://NameOfYourComputer/ShareName, and you'll be able to mount your Windows' share on your Mac.

As for the PC's being able to access the Mac's files, go into System Prefrences -> Sharing -> and enable Windows Sharing. Take note of the line "Windows users can access your computer at...", just enter that address into any Explorer or IE window, and you'll be accessing your Mac's files.


I agree with Tek's response, but would add that you need to enable filesharing on the computers, and usually make an account on them with the proper access permissions to make the shares happen. Wireless technology will allow the files to move around just fine, but unless you file sharing enabled, and an account with permissions, you might not get the results you expect.

You might also find it handy to designate one of those computers as your main fileserver. That way, you have all your documents in one area, and can simplify your backup strategy. Having different versions of files across multiple computers can cause problems down the road.


em, treat me like a complete stupid person, but how would i enable filesharing on my computer?


In WinXP: click on the following buttons/links:
Start/Control Panel/Network and Internet Connections/Network Connections.
From here determine which Icon indicates the device through which your connecting (usually the device labled "Local Area Connection") then RIGHT click it once - you should get a pop-up menu on which you'll need to click "Properties". In the box that says "This connection uses the following items:" right above make sure the item labled "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" has a check mark nect to it.

That's very helpful of you, and thanks. But there's something gone wrong on my wireless connection. I can see any shared music on iTunes, and i can get on the internet, but file and printer sharing doesn't seem to be working. Is there anything else that i can do. The only thing i can think of is to share the root of the drive, but I'd rather only do that if i have to