Hey all im trying to start my own webserver with

Mail server
Ftp sever
webmin (i think thats what its called that or usermin :rolleyes: )
Counter-Strike Dedicated server (with AMX MOD)

BUT! im a newbie to linux if any one PLZ :cheesy: help me or direct
me to a site that could, all i need to know is basicly what version of linux
is best for those and the name of the software for each category that would
work best.
:!: ALSO i need some help on chosing what speed i should get my internet conection remeber i live in Australia and we have crapy internet providers! :evil:

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This link to the RUTE User's tutorial should get you started nicely. It should help you get going with Apache, the web server, it may show you how to associate PHP and some CGI extensions to it, too. There should even be a tutorial on FTP, too. It's possible that it will have a quick setup guide on doing a mail server.


For the other functions, Red Hat includes webmin, as does Mandrake, I believe. There are many distros which have that. mySQL has excellent documentation on their website, www.mysql.com . As for the Counter-Strike server, you'll probably want to check the website of the makers of that game for setup information.

Thanx Very much for that just another question do u know if
Red Hat Fedora 2 comes with webmin?

Probably does. Personally, though, I'd look into adminstering services manually, as more often than not, webmin won't do everything you need it to.

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