How do i stop downloading on my network?Acess Control List wont be effective cos i want people to be able to surf the net but i need to prevent downloading of softwares and other stuffs cos it slows down my network.

The two are synonymous. Surfing the web IS downloading material.

What you could block instead is INSTALLING anything. Check your firewall settings.

Another way is to make sure that only a system administrator has an administrator account. Normal user accounts are usually prevented from installing anything.

Once you have user accounts, you can also remove all of the players and player plugins that are needed for some of the bandwidth wasters. This can be a problem if QuickTime is installed. It installs itself in a way that it can't be removed, so a system rebuild is needed to get rid of it.

it's quite hard to monitor all way to enforce a restriction...pass a memo..any one caught downloading will be suck...

block router firewall i.e router connected to internet,mostly in linksys routers you can block torrent files,java and many others.this way you can save lot of shared bandwith on same network and internet works faster.

hwo to stop the downloading on domain networking of other computers

Well, you could do it either by the router's web interface, or by setting the permissions in your anti-virus software.

If none of those solve the problem, then you will have to get back to us with more detailed information of what you are trying to do, so we can give you a better answer.

Hope that helps.

I have blocked youtube site on my Linksys router but one workstation still visits the site and downloads videos using youtube downloader. How do I stop him? Urgent please

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