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In my workplace, I can use Yahoo Instant Messaging but I can't view other people's webcam or show my webcam to others.The message comes that you are behind firewall.But what I think is that if I can do IM then webcam should work as well.

Have they blocked only the webcams and if yes how it is blocked, I mean which port no they block for blocking the webcam.


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I can't specifically help you, but I think if you look through the manual or google your webcam model, you should find info on what ports need opening in your firewall.

I'm pretty sure it will use different ports to your Yahoo messenger.

If you have continued problems, post your webcam type and Operating system, service pack, and any third party firewall programs, and someone may be able to provide more assistance.

Good luck sorting it out.

Quick google search turned up this from http://www.helpbytes.co.uk/yconnect.php

Ports Yahoo! Messenger uses!

Yahoo! Messenger services uses a variety of ports.
Service Ports
Chat & Messenger TCP Port 5050: Client Access only
Insider/Room Lists TCP Port 80: Client Access only
File Transfer TCP Port 80: Server Access.
Your ISP may block this port, as its used for web hosting.
You can change port in Messenger, Preferences, File Transfer.
Voice Chat UDP 5000-5010
TCP 5000-5001: Client Access
If UDP Fails, TCP will be used instead, see below.
WebCam TCP Port 5100: Client Access
Super Webcam TCP Port 5100: Server Access

P2P Instant Messages TCP Port 5101: Server Access
PMs between Buddys may not use the Yahoo! Server, but this is not a requirement.

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