Hi I am new to this topic and I have a question. If ill buy a wifi adapter like Belkin 802.11g Wireless G USB Network Adapter for my PC with broadband connection will I be able to have internet on my laptop with wifi or I need wireless router or somethin else??

Thank you in advance for your help :)

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The best and easiest way to have wifi access on your laptop is to use a wifi router and have a wifi card on your laptop. Some ISP's provide wifi capable modem/router combos so if you have one of those your ISP can walk you through connecting to it instead of purchasing a router.


I agree wit Houston IT. easiest way is to replace existing broadband router with wifi enabled broadband router.


The adapter alone is enough, you dont have to buy a router, moreover routers are expensive and is suitable for business purposes or if you have a small network you want to manage, but to use it on yor own will just be a waste, so i think the wifi adapter with broadband connection will do

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