I need assistance in determining how to resolve a networking issue with a Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router in regards to online gaming. I have 2 computers connected to my network: a desktop hardwired to the router (which in turn is hardwired to a cable modem) that is set for DMZ presently and has a static IP assigned and the second computer is a laptop connecting via a wireless connection. Both computers are running Windows XP.

The issue is that my partner and I cannot play online games (Raven Shield, Battlefield 2, and Age of Empires II) or use voice programs (Roger Wilco), against/with each other. In addition, we cannot play with a 3rd "outside" player (though my desktop can connect/play with the outside player). The 2 computers on my network simply do not seem to see each other when it comes to online gaming though they function just fine for standard web surfing and messenging.

I think this is because the router only thinks of itself as one computer leading to the outside, though I'm uncertain. I have experimented a little with port forwarding, but have not had success as of yet. I'm not sure if setting a static IP on the laptop would help or not either.

Any assistance in enabling these 2 computers to connect for online games would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I don't hink it's possible for 2 computers on the same network to be playing the same online game. The router thinks of itself as one computer. Games use different ports, the address that a game might use could be, or something like that. When you get the same address trying to play the same game twice, there will be a conflict. There might be a special way to get around this, but I don't know what it is.

I would try to port forward the game your playing to both computers, but as different services.

Hope this can help.