I changed by old but trusted Orinoco Lan card to a new Belkin 54g one on my Thinkpad running Windows 2000. Card runs OK but range is poor and sucks battery juice so I decided to change back. Oh dear, of course it does not work!

I have tried everything uninstalling, re-installing, both driver sets including trying an internal IBM 802.11 card and Windows TCP/IP protocol. Within the limits of my technical knowledge this is the situation.

The Belkin card works. Even without this card's software installed, although the IBM card and the Orinoco will connect to the network and the router assigns a DHCP address the card will not pick this up. If I manually enter the address I can connect and even administer the router but cannot connect to any web address.

The wired ethernet connection works OK getting its DHCP address.

Also noticed on closing the machine this message ( taken from event viewer) " Application popup: bcmwltry.exe - DLL Initialization Failed : The application failed to initialize because the window station is shutting down."

The upshot is I can only connect wirelessly with the device I want to dump.

Any insight appreciated.