My bandwidth exceeded last month due to my autoresponders that
should have stop sending messages. Instead they bounced causing
more bounces errors and emails. Anyway, it exceeded my bandwidth
for that month. I sent in TT to Liftetimehosting company Feb 5, 2005
about the problem and how to correct it. I just now got a response
on the 27th of February read on the 1st of March to pay $30 to
bring my site back up. Doesn't the bandwidth quota (usage) start
over each month? I ask them that same question. Because I
am still receiving the bandwidth exceeded error. I thought
it started over the 1st of the month.

I had to wait three weeks to get a reply from
them. If you know the answer to this question, please let
me know. I have copied my files over to another domain
name because they took so long in replying back.

Lifetimehosting doesn't have a phone number I know of. I received free hosting from them from another package deal.

Thank you for your answer.


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Sorry, I don't know anything about them. What they did was out of line though - I go crazy over 1 minute of downtime! But if your website is anything semi-important, I would at least invest a few bucks a month into a cheap hosting package with a reputable company. When things are free, it seems any form of customer service is usually nonexistant. The company doesn't lose anything by losing you as a customer, so they don't really care about you. Even if it's just a few bucks a month, money talks (it empowers you as a paying customer and consumer of their service) ;)

I'd recommend dumping them. That's way out of line. Hosting is cheap these days and it's easy to find a better provider. When we have clients that exceed bandwidth, we'll typically just clear the block so their website is running again. Assuming it isn't abused, it's really just a soft limit for us.


It should restart on the first of every month. I have had this problem before, but worse. Image recieving so much spam that your unlimited email inbox fills up your disk space to the point you can not delete anything because you have no diskspace. That truly was a pain in the rear. How far ahead did you pay for, monthly or annually. I would hope monthly so you can just opt out and find a new, better host because they seem... *holds my tounge* and do not care about your personal situation about the webmail forwarder problems.

thats quite odd. I've always had my bandwidth bounce back with my providers... granted i have like 40 gigs... and i'm unsatisfied with my host, I've never heard of such things like that.

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