I just noticed that whenever I go to a certain website (I've not noticed this with any other website...ever), it gives me the "this page can not be displayed" error message. That in itself isn't a big deal...except now I can not go to ANY pages after that. All I get are those same error messages...for every site.

My connection is still good, as my outlook continues to work. This only happens to my computer (on a small network of 4 computers).

I'm running IE6 on XP...I'm on a small network routed off a fractional T-1. There is a firewall (I forget what the tech term for it is) in the switch, as enabled by my ISP. I do have Norton AntiVirus...but not the firewall.

After I reboot my computer, IE is fine...until I try that site again. The site is www.whotv.com. It's a tv station that I used to work at...and it's site is ok (i've been able to see it on the other computers in the office)...but for whatever reason, it doesn't like me.

I've been online all day today...w/ no problems...until this.

Any ideas?? Thanks!


PS...I've tried SpyBot...etc. No luck.

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Let's say you visit the webpage and then get all these page cannot be displayed errors. Can you still use other Internet applications or is your net connection cut off completely?


My outlook continues to operate correctly, but any other internet connection is lost (AOL...etc.).


search for the "hosts" file in the I386 folder & rename it (like hosts.old or hosts.dec.03.2k3 or whatever), then clear cookies & cache. if prob persists ping whotv.com via DOS prompt (really a console window, no DOS in WinXP, ah but nomenclature dies a slow death...) to get it's ip, if u dont already know it, and put the ip address in the address bar & c if it pulls up the url or not.


Renamed the "host" file...and cleared the cache/cookies...then I pinged the site and got the ip (incidently, it timed out and no packets were received back). No luck. The ip wouldn't pull up the site...however, after failing to pull it up I was still able to surf without having to reboot the entire computer.

Is my firewall not allowing me access to this ip for some reason? How the heck would I determine if it is or not?

Any other ideas??


can u bypass the router & connect directly to your isp's connection device (i.e., dsl/cbl modem, etc)? if u can:
1) shut down pc, normally
2) notate indication lights on modem/connection device that indicate that *it* has connection to the isp
3) unplug pwr cord to modem/connection device
4) unplug pwr cord to router
5) bypass router
6) pwr up modem/connection device
7) after modem/connection device has regained connection to isp (reference #2 above) restart pc
8) open control panel & access network properties
9) double click icon for LAN connection (if multiple icons u need to figure out which 1 is for connection from ur pc to modem/connection device)
10) click support tab
11) click repair connection
12) click ok on msg stating repair operation completed successfully, yada, yada, yada
12a) if you received a different error msg post it here verbatim
13) notate default gateway ip
14) from console window (DOS style window) ping the default gateway ip (this will not work going through the router unless ur able to check the router's prop's & get *it's* default gateway, provided by the isp to the router; if so skip steps 1-12)
ping default gateway: if u get replies then the issue is on your sys; if not, it can still be on your sys but more likely its an arp cache issue involving a routing device on your isp's network.

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