hello. I'm trying to share a dialup connection on a win. xp pro pc , with other win. xp pro pcs thru a linksys wireless router. I currently have a wired home network of 4 pcs sharing dialup and files just fine . I want to change it to a wireless network so my disabled wife can use a laptop to access the internet for school without all the network cables. i sucessfully connected to the wireless hub with the laptop but i couldn't connect to the internet. apparently the hub is only setup to detect a broadband connection.i have tried several different wireless hubs with the same results . I know its possible to make the hub think there's a wan or a cabel modem i'm just not sure how. thanks in advance for any help. Paul

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First of all, you need to be more specific in your terminology and your description of your overall network setup.

A router and a hub are totally different devices. Give us the exact make/model of the wired hub/router that you are currently using, as well as the make/model of the wireless device you're trying to replace it with.

thanks for you'r reply.
i'm currently using a linksys 10/100 5 port hub model# nh1005,v2 to network my 4 win. xp pro pc's and sharing a dial-up account via windows ics. I tried to replace the hub with a linksys wireless access point router with 4 port switch, model #befw11s4 . I networked 3 of my pc's via cat-5 sucessfully , and I thaught if I connected the 4th pc with the modem and dial-up connection to the wan port of the router that the other wired pc's plus any wireless pc would share the dial-up. I can share files between the 3 wired pc's but the 4th pc pluged into the wan port reports limited or no connectivity. I also tried pluging the 4th pc with dialup into the regular ports that didn't work either. Thanks agian.

Thanks for posting the additional info; it helps.

However, I have to log off for the night now as it's dinner time in my end of the world. I'll be back online here tomorrow early to mid afternoon (PST) tomorrow and will respornd then.

In this configuration, you have to connect all the hardwired PCs to the LAN ports on the router. You also must disable DHCP on the router. ICS provides DHCP services to all the PCs that are sharing it's connection. So, nothing should be connected to the wan port and DHCP disabled. That should do it. Be sure to reboot all machines.

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