I have an xbox running to my fios router through an ethernet cable. Then, I have another xbox that belongs to my friend running the same way. I then have 2 laptops and a desktop. Laptops are run wirelessly and the desktop is run via ethernet. All computers have an excellent signal and both xbox's have very unstable signals. Signal will be strong for a few minutes, then it will get so weak that it will not stay connected to xbox LIVE at all. Any ideas?

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Oh yes! I have a similiar clietn problem! In this case it is a livebox and usb key wifi. with exactly same problems of weak and strong with one comptuer.

The solution as far as I was concerend was
Clean out the registry and do a thorough clean up of removal of junjk temp files etc.MAXIMISE the settings for WIFI
Cool all the system down (eg put out of use overnight )
If on start up you have a strong signal and then it goes weaker and womethilmes comes back then it is likely the problem is heat related. In the case I had the computer (a dell) had ventilation in the side and top aqnd although had feet for horizontal use the machine was clearly designed fro vertical use as the eir flow was meant to be vertical. that reduced the heat in the comptuer and then followed that byt changing the usb transmitter / key all worked well. fortunatley I had a small asus poortablet hat could detect that teh live box was not the problem as it gave a high signal all the time.

WIFI signals can be affecte"d by microwaves and if at the limit of their range even moving in front of the computer can cause signal variations.


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