I have been setting up a new Zotac IONITX-A motherboard in a computer I am building for a home theatre setup.
However the on-board gigabit ethernet will not detect my cable to the switch.
I have tried 3 different cables, every port on the switch, I took the cable off of my tower that I know works and hooked it to it and still "The network cable is unplugged."
I've tried both the Zotac driver download (which appears to just be the nvidia forceware) and the latest nvidia forceware drivers.
I have also tried the drivers from windows update, with the same luck.
The switch is an 8 port Linksys gigabit switch.
I am truly at a loss as to what would cause this, no LEDs light up on either the network port on the board, or the switch.

This ended up being a switch-related problem. Tried the card on another switch and it worked fine. Some sort of odd compatibility issue between the card and the switch I guess...