hi there, i have a belkin wireless netword usb hub. It drops the connection frequently but sometimes it stays on for a good hour or two. I don't think the location is the problem because the router is not that far from the computer and it gets excellent signal. I am using windows vista, i have a linksys router (Linksys WRT160N) running on WPA personal with the latest driver. Im also running on a custom firmware called DD-WRT v.24. Also not only does the connection in those drop but also my desktop which is connected to the router directly with cable and my sister's laptop loses connection too and jer laptop has a built in wireless card, so im not sure what it could be. it cant be conflictiong ip addresses either because i put all our computers on static ips. any help appreciated !

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hmmm, i dunno this information might help... When i had no internet i tried to access my router via firefox ( but it would not connect. Usually it would still connect even if it had no internet right...maybe that could help with my problem.

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