Hello, all!

I share my apartment with one guy.. We are using time-warner cable as our internet provider.

My problem is, my room-mate has 4 computers and I have only one. So, he uses almost 80% of internet on his computers while I use only 20%. And him and I share the internet bill.. so every month I pay half of the bill while he uses the internet more than me..

So my question is now: Is there any thing I can do to share internet connection 50-50...? Can I do it via router configration OR Do I have to buy some devide to put that in action..?

Your help highly appreciated...


Your post does not make sense do you want to limit him so he can only connect 1 computer? even though he has 4 connected ( and why does he need 4 computers in an apt, I would be more worried about the electric bill then the internet) you could be using more bandwidth them him if you downloading a video he has 3 computers on idle and 1 checking email then you would be using more bandwith anyway just because he has 4 hooked up doesn't necessarily mean he is using all the internet bandwidth

Yes I agree with Fresh'. It doesn't quite work that way. I myself am in a similar situation. Except -- I -- am the guy with multiple pc's. I earlier had the family upstairs freaking about what was happening on the router. (they had an old router and it was dying) then after they got a new router, configuration "troubles" surfaced. I don't know why, all I know is a non-computer / software savvy person kept toying with the router to his great dissatisfaction. He thought that b/c I had a lot of pc's that I was "sucking up all the juice".

The kids upstairs (two teenagers) doing internet gaming PROBABLY were the source of bandwidth issues, what with peer to peer downloading and adware and GodKnows what stuck on their pc's.

All I ever did was upload a couple html pages now and then. OR occaisionally download a bootleg movie. THEN (during movie download) I probably sucked up some bandwidth.

Try to find out what he does on the inet. and determine bandwidth usage. Or maybe find some monitoring software at a site with lots of freeware like www.snapfiles.com maybe you can determine for yourself how much he's using.

me? lately I can't even get ON the inet to get a darn eMail!!!!
very frustrating. And now I'm worried that the family above HAS limited either power output (to physically lower my connectivity) or perhaps throttled my connectivity b/c I am a "computer guy" sucking up all the "juice".

It's funny , if it wasn't such a pain.

I just wanna get eMail man... LoL

you gotta find out what he "does" with it, and monitor usage if you can.

gotta get my own connection anyway.
so, THERE's the answer

If he IS a bandwidth hog. You (hopefully) have a router with some control. What is the name, model, etc of your router?