Hello all,
I am not sure if is the right place to post this if not accept my apologize ;)
I have a router Linksys Befw11s4 wireless-B. I can connect to internet with both of my pc without problem, the bad thing is when I try to use Emule I alway get low id's. I use sbd dsl for isp and I do not have a static id , so everytime or almost everytime I restart my pc my ip change. In plus to know how configure my router with emule i wish know if I can put a static ip, because I don't really give more money to sbc :lol:

Thanks for your help and sorry for my english I am Swiss.

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If SBC isn't giving you a static IP, you can't just assign yourself a static, Internet-routable IP on the WAN/Internet side of the router; that could cause problems/conflicts. However, your SBC-assigned IP shouldn't really change that often, even if it is technically dynamic, unless you're constantly turning off the actual modem and/or the router.

If it will help though, you can turn of the LAN-side DHCP server feature on the router and just assign static IPs to the computers instead. Linksys routers usually use the (private) 192.168.1. IP range and a subnet mask of, so you just need to know the address of the router itself and your SBC DNS server IPs. Give the computers IPs of something like and, enter the router's IP as the Gateway, enter the DNS IPs, and you should be good to go.

Thanks you for the help I will try it right now.

OK- give us an update when you can...

linksys router configer static ip help me

help me to config router?????????????

just google it bro... you will find it there many tutorials,...

Best of LUCK....

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