Well I finished Novell class is over after installing and upgrading and installing over and over and playing with it and the user management had a good time. ZEN Works is the biggest plus of all of them. That is one of the best prog/utilities I ever seen. ARC is cool along with there other prog/utilities like iPrint etc etc. You told me tek when I finish this class I will be teaching you something the only thing I learned is I still far behind you in Novell but I'm coming!

;D You got ways to go. And yes, iPrint is very cool. The better feature is the Native File Access Pack. If you haven't heard of it, it allows the NW server to apprear like the native os of a computer. For example, if i'm running linux, the NW server will look like a linux box with NFS. If i'm running windows, it will look like a windows box with smb. Mac too.. BTW.. this is called a "thin client" if you didnt know already.

Also, I got an advantage on you with novell. When I started novell, the wasn't a GUI, and we couldn't imagen that it would get one either.

Just like how it goes with Linux people. People that started without the gui's know more. They're used to having to do a lot of manual coding. (and even same thing for DOS people).

Keep up the good work.. you'll learn something new everyday with novell... you never know it all.. and if ya have any questions, you know where to ask 'em...

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