i have a strange problem..
I have a branch office and its connected to main office thru Cisco vpn.
it has its own subnet.
now on one of the comps I cannot make oultook run localy nor I can map drive.
when I try mapping with IP it works but when I use name it says cannot find path.
Logs are telling that srv record cannot be registered.
so I flushed DNS, set type=srv then, _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.domainname
and the output was fine but still cant resolve names.
tried to disjoin then rejoin to domain and that failed.
got comp to main office join it in domain sent it back to branch office and nothing.
Still just IP no names.
Any idea?

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there are two more.
no problems whit others.
thats what is strange


Are the machines set to use your domain controller as a DNS server? Windows resolution sometimes uses WINS or other LAN broadcast information to resolve machine names which could break over a VPN.

Also are the MTU settings on your routers all identical and are the domain names rather short in length? Sometimes there is a TCP/UDP problem with opening port :53 and DNS fails for only certain query lengths.

I doubt either of those are the case but it is the only suggestions I have from the information you have given. It sounds like a rather odd scenario.


Hi ip2host,

It seems to be an DSN issue but it's rather puzzling.
Are you able to ping a server by name at the main office?
You did a dns flush on the problem PC?
Can you ping the problem PC from the main office?

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