hi there,

i am pretty new to bridging wireless connections and have a few troubleshooting questions as to why my bridge isnt working.

The setup currently is:

1. I have a siemens speedstream 6520, which controls DHCP and the internet as well as the main wireless network, in the living room

2. in my bedroom i have a server ( & a workstation (, a switch with a statically assigned ip address ( and a DLINK WAP 2000 with a statically assigned IP address (, the DLINK, the server and the workstation are connected to the same switch.

I am wondering as to why my bridge isnt working....the wap has the MAC of the main modem/router in the living room and the mode is configured as bridge mode....i can ping the switch and wap in my room from the 2 machines in my room (havent tried from a laptop with the existing wireless network in the living room).

Could all my issues be caused by my security settings on the speedstream in the living room? It has a WPA-PSK key set, does it need WEP to be compatible with the WAP?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I am no networking expert but I do know that you need the security enabled unless you want people using your network without permission.