Hi everyone!

I have a little problem and I don't know what to do any more.

I've changed my Hosintg provider (about 15 days ago) and I've migrated 15 sites of my clients.
All the sites are running ok and email accounts also in almost all clients, but in two of them some emails aren't received.
I mean... I've several free emails accounts from different providers and when I send an email for test@domain.tld some aren't received (the error that I receive is that the email could not be delivered cause it's pointing to the old IP and that server doesn't exist anymore).
Since the changes ocurred about 15 days all DNS should be propagate now.
I don't understand what's happening and I don't know what to do anymore.

I'll appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance!

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Hi freshfitz and thanks for your reply.

Yes I've tried the checkdns to see where the MX records are pointing to and they are right.
I don't know how to telnet to the mail server.
Can you give me some tips.
By the way the domains are normax.pt and mapicentro.pt.

Thanks a lot


Yes it's correct ( 10 mail.normax.pt) and we have about 40 emails accounts configured. The problem is that some emails are received correctly, but other ones are not. I've received an error message from a free email account in a certain ISP that try to deliver the email to the hold server.
Any idea whta could be the problem ?

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