Hi all,

Hope you can help. Thanks.

I want to set up a network where:
1. a single host computer gets wireless internet connection from a office wireless access point.
2. the host computer broadcasts the wireless internet connection.
3. client computers can log on to the broadcasted wireless internet connection.

What are the network adapters and configuration required on the host computer? I think I have done something like that before using a single Wireless adapter and ICS on Windows XP, but I can't figure it out on Vista.

Which IP should I monitor if i want to set up a login page for the broadcasted signal?


Why would you want to do this?
Broadcasting the signal is handled by the hardware in the access point, and I don't see how a computer can do this. There are many things I don't know, but this sounds very strange to me.

Why would you want to do this?

Just exploring possibilities. One use could be that when visitors come to the office, I can let him connect through the host computer instead of directly to the office wireless network, so that there is an extra layer of protection from the office network and there is no need to reveal the WEP passcode.

Maybe I'll just wait for someone who knows alot to answer this problem. But ICS on XP definitely worked the other time I tried. I just could not do it on Vista.