i have a verizon wireless modem. it is a small usb unit (i think it's a usb727). i use it on both my pc & my laptop. it works great, i highly recommend it, since dsl is not an option, way out here in the woods.
my quest, is to use this same modem, to connect a wireless router to the i-net. i want to connect my pc to the net, while my roommate connects to the net, at the same time, from the other end of the house via the same moden, wirelessly.
all of the routers i've looked at, require an ethernet connector, but none mention plugging an usb modem in to them.
any help would be appreciated, please give specifics, such as mfg. & part numbers... ?

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the ad-hoc connection, is impractical as a solution for me. for one thing, the set-up wizard says it's only good for 30 feet. the other problem, is that it has to be set up each time the computers are both shut down. but, i DO thank you for your input.

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