Well I've got my new Dell 1850 with Dual 64 bit Xeons. Now the big question? 32 bit or 64 bit? I don't want to limit my options tomarrow by using yesterdays OS. Oh yeah, my Buddy and I are leaning towards CentOS 64 disto.

Eric HRF

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Really depends on what you plan on doing with the server. 64-bit doesn't do much for you unless you are planning on addressing huge amounts of memory or very large numbers.

the 64 sounds good...

CentOS is a decent distribution. It should be noted that you should be using the ia32e (EMT64) kernel rather than the x86_64 kernel if you're going down the CentOS 3.x route. I'm not too sure about Centos 4, though.


i m not having information about that OS you have mentioned (centOS) but can say this much if ur having 64 bit processor u should install 64 bit OS on it to make the proper utilization of resources and better performance

I have to echo Nicentral on this one as well, it all depends on what your plans are with the system. No since wasting the extra $$ on the 64 bit OS if your not going to be using it.

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