This might be a daft question, but was wanting to buy a laptop and connect it to my wiressless network using a 125 speed card . Can i do this on a laptop that is wireless enable, does wireless enable mean there is already a card in place????? This is the laptop i want to buy, could someone help me please. Laptop

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Most laptops now days come with a built in wireless card so all you need is a wireless router. I suggest going to a retail store near by and asking them all your quesitons in person and make sure you get them answered before spending money on a laptop.


i know most come with a card, but they only seem to be 55 speed. Think im best asking someone, thanks


Unfortunately I can't see the link atm. I can't see any reason why updating the in-built wifi would hurt, may need to disable the original first. I would imagine it would be easier to get a PC Card that ran 125mbps


rather than get one built in, as this would more likely to be only available on premium laptops. Have you thought of looking online for a laptop instead of PC world. I would recommend Evesham computers, or perhaps ACER.



Whatever you do, hope you enjoy your new laptop when you get it :)


yeah i have,acer are on my list. I think the best thing to do is ask someone in a shop, thanks

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