Hello everyone,

Our building has 15 computers networked via 2 Switches, not routers, though we do have a DSL line going into the uplink to deliver internet access throughout the network.

My question is, if we were going to setup wireless, is it possible to just connect an Access Point to any of the existing ports on the switch or do I have to use a router after the DSL modem and Before the current switches to have wireless??

Reason for this is that we really only need wireless in a certain section of the building, which is far off compared to the rest and we have about a 200 ft cat-5 cable going to that room. Im just worried that if I have to use a router where the switches are, the signal wont reach to where we really want it.


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You can simply install a Wireless access point into one of the switch ports. Usually, the switches have an uplink port that you can connect it into, and work just fine. At least, that's how my setup is running.

OK, its seems as though now not only are we going to need wireless in this section of the building but we will need a few wired connections as well.

Is it possible to connect a router (not an access point) off of the switch so that we have wireless and the capability to connect a few wired machines to the network?

So basically it would go DSL Modem -> Switch -> Router. I know this isnt traditionally how a network is supposed to be setup but will this work??

Any thoughts on my last post??

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