Hi I am building another website and I am getting an error message when trying to upload images the messages says

An FTP error occured cannot put *****jpeg. Access denied. The file may not exist or there could be a permission problem

I can successfully upload this same image to another website hosted on the same server but just not this site, it doesnt matter what image I use the same message comes up. I can add general text and css files as long as they dont contain images. I have double checked all my settings and all files are where they should be
Any ideas anyone this is driving me nuts lol
TIA Karina

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What exactly are the permissions on that directory? If it's a UNIX box of some description you should be able to see what permissions (they'll look a bit like this: -rw-r----) you have in your FTP client (or Dreamweaver, but I've not used Dreamweaver's upload tool for so long...). Failing all of that - check with your web host/system administrator and they should be able to fix it for you.


Make sure you dreamweaver FTP is setup correctly.

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