hi friends,

please tell me the solution for my problem.
i installed drivers for wireless adapter several times but it's not displaying in add/remove programs. i am using toshiba(A35-S159) laptop.(my warranty period completed)
if builitin wirless card doesn't work, can we connect external wireless card to toshiba laptop?what kind of card should i buy?

Thanks in advance

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You don't usually see drivers in Add/Remove Programs. The wireless card's utility software (if it comes with any) might be listed there, but you should look in Device Manager to check the NIC and its drivers status.

A few questions to start with:

- Does the wireless NIC appear in Device Manager at all?

- If so, is it listed as functioning correctly, or not?

- What exact driver package (including version) are you trying to install?

- What else, besides the fact that you see nothing in your A/RP control panel, makes you think the card isn't working?

Thanks for your reply
NIC is not appear in Device manager.
could u pls tell me the solution?
Thanks in advance

As I asked before: what exact driver software (including version) are you installing? Do you get any errors, or does the driver software seem to install correctly?

i installed driver for Atheros wireless LAN 802.11a+g/g, a/b driver v.
using toshiba reovery CD. i also installed drivers for logo and utility.

i didn't get any errors while installing drivers.i got the message 'restart your computer'.

Hmm... I don't know what to suggest about that. I'd expect that you would at least see something regarding the wireless adapter in Device Manager, and you do seem to have the right drivers... :?:

You said the warranty has already expired- how old is the computer, and did the wireless ever work on it?

If there really is some serious problem with the built-in wireless, you can certainly try an external wireless card; your computer does have a PCMCIA slot for one. Any model of card that is compatible with your version of Windows should work, but there are some things to think about in that regard:

1. Technically, wireless standards are just that- standard, so devices made by one company should be able to communicate perfectly well with other brands of wireless devices, but in the real world that isn't always true. If you already have a wireless router or access point installed on the network where you plan to use the laptop the most, I'd highly suggest buying a wireless card made by the same company that made the router/AP.

2. Even if all of your wireless devices are from the same manufacturer, you can still experience problems if you mix 802.11b and 802.11g devices. As with mixing different brands, you should be able to use a Wireless G device in a Wireless B environment, because Wireless G is supposed to backward compatible with the older/slower Wireless B standard. Again though, this isn't always the case in practice. If you have an 802.11g router or AP, buy an 802.11g card.

3. Unless you're certain that you'll have the need to connect to an 802.11a network, don't worry about finding a card that supports 802.11a. The vast majority of wireless environments that you'll encounter these days will either be using 802.11g, 802.11b, or a mixture of both.

Thanks DMR
my toshiba laptop is 1 yr 3months old. i accessed wireless NW till last month.
i will buy wirless card which is compatabile to my laptop.if i get problem i will
ask your help(U can reply when u get free time).

OK- good luck with that.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help with the built-in wireless, but it's kind of difficult to troubleshoot that kind of problem without being able to actually look at the computer...

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