hi to all,

Please somebody help me...I have a small lan and need to rectify it. butapart from lan and novell netware ....there is nothing installed.

I need some new architecture because of the following.

Problem 1:
It is gateway.Has a networking hub connected and a dial up modem. It behaves for irritating me everyday...I don't know why ...the link and active lights wud not glow ...and I wud be touching here and there...and after spending many hours also it won't work....

But when later is viewed ....the link wud be up and cud be connected..

Problem 2. Gateway has just the norton 2005 installed but still there is virus in it and other system accesing the net through winproxy....

The applicatoins goes on crashing ...and some VXD NDIS referencing memeory addresses is common to see on monitor.

Please somebody couldhelp me with a better architecture...plz...

I have 2 broadband connections and one dial up account.I would like to have a linux box with one ethernet card to access the net thru LAN.Is it possible.

Thanking in advance for the patience and concern...and hopes i was able toconvey properly......


Hey Marar,

Sounds like you have multiple problems there. Probably the first thing to do is get rid of the virus. Go to the sub forum - Virus, Spyware and other nasties - it´s under Windows which is under Tech Talk. Post a HiJackThis file from the infected computer (if you need to download this, check out the threads on how to do this and there will be a link).

Start a separate thread to post your HJT file. Someone will help you in that forum and then we can try to get the rest of you system fixed...

And good luck...

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Sorry..could not make out .....
I could make out the sub forum but do not find it easy with :- 'sending a Hijackthi log'.

Hope you would be patient enough with me if I am being ignorant ....

Well that is the state of my mind now after such a repetitive behaviour from the network.

Thanking you for the reply and concern shown and expecting your help and guidance sincerely,
I remain


Hi again, Marar,

OK, you first need to go to the forum called Virus, Spyware and other nasties.

That forum can be found under Tech Talk, just like this networking forum. Except you have to choose Microsoft Windows forum instead of networking. When you get to that forum, you will see the Virus forum underneath.

These threads will instruct you to run an antivirus program and several spyware and adware programs to get rid of anything that might have taken over your system.

Also, there are multiple threads there that discuss how to download HiJackThis, which is a troubleshooting program. Please read all the relevant threads until you can post a HiJackThis log in the Virus forum. Someone will help you from there and try to get rid of the virus, which is the first step to getting things cleaned up.

I´m glad you got it working, congratulations...

hi guru,

Thanks for the reply and without asking for your willingness,I have added you to my buddy list.

Hope you wont mind and I once again thanks you for the concern and considerations you have shown to me and request the same in the future also.

Thanking you I remain
Harish Balakrishnan Marar