I got four computers on the network in the office. Small office. Every computer can view other computers on the network except that 3 of the computers cannot browse folders on the computer that is the gateway to the internet. All computers can browse the net. I have shared some of the folders on this computer and other computers (clients) can see the folders, but when they click on the folders, it says Access Denied, contact administrator of folder permissions blah blah blah. I tried all kinds of things. Folders are shared but still why cant other browse these folders??? Please help cause everything is set on the network except for other computers not being able to browse my folders.


I´m using Win2000, so this advice may be different for other O/Ss.

When you access the file folder properties, use the sharing tab and look for a button called permissions. I have ¨everyone¨ chosen but you can set it up for whichever user you want. Under each user you can select which kind of access you want them to have.

btw, you have to do this for each folder on the computer where that folder resides. I don´t believe there is any way to do it remotely.

Hope this helps...