Hi all, I'm not sure how to go about getting my two computers to talk to each for in order to share files. My first computer is a desktop running XP pro SP2 and is connected to the Linksys wireless router through an ethernet cable. The second computer is a laptop running XP home through the wireless card. They were both able to connect to the internet without any problems but didnt see each other. Last night I was trying to figure out why and must have done something wrong on the desktop because now it can't connect to the internet. It shows that there is a connection but says that there is "little to no connectivity". The laptop is working just fine and I am posting this on it. Any help would be very appreciated!!

On the workgroup the PC 1 can see all the computers but no one can see the PC 1 PC1 can ping all the computers and from otheres compute PC 1 is replying one time and 3 time request time out plz ans me what is the problem

also i change the cable and there is no problem with firwell NIC is properly installed so what is the problem with this PC why other PC's can not open this PC when i ping it on itself it gives reply but not on other computers

i am waiting for you ans plz send the msg to me about my problem did you can mail to me the ans of this question

about workgroup problem