I have come across a problem while trying to network 2 computers.
Computer A - Desktop PC, running windows XP pro
Computer B - Laptop, running windows XP home

Internet connection via broadband, through a router, wireless to computer A, wirless to computer B. Both using 54G standard.

Networking wizards have been run on both
Also file and print sharing enabled on both
Firewalls disabled on both

Both can access internet.
Computer B can access all shared files and printers on Computer A

Computer A however, cannot access computer B via the My Network Places icon. Computer A can see computer B but cannot actually view any items on computer B. When tried an error stating that computer A may not have the correct security requirements or words to that effect.

Although it is possible to access computer B by entering the following by going to run in start menu:


once that is done computer A seems to have full access to computer B.

Any ideas why I can't access computer B through my network places??

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My Network places is effectively a history of visited network folders. Why when you have visited a network place it does not store it there could be a whole host of different problems to slight changes in security policies, folder permissions, (make sure the folder has modify permissions not just read and write), perhaps even registry settings.

Question then, if you select add network place, does it allow you to add it, or if it does, does it dissapear after reboot.

Might be a stupid question but have you actually set up shares on computer B ?

If not try:
On Computer B
Click My Computer
Right click on the C drive
Click properties
Click Sharing
Click Share this drive on the network

Ignore all the warnings about it being not recommended to share the root.

You may also need to reboot the machines to see Computer B's C drive on Computer A

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