I have two computers which are connected to a network server. I have another computer to add to the network, but I only have two network sockets. I have an 8-port 10Base-2/T Palm Top Hub. I have plugged two of these computers into the hub, and then plugged the hub into the network socket, but I can't access the network (all i get is an orange light on the hub). Can anyone help? :cry:

if they are both normal hubs or switches you will need one of the following:

a cross over cable between them (pins 1-3 and 2-6 crossed)

to use an uplink port on the switch or hub

To flip the "midi-midiX" switch on the "uplink" port on one device or the other (if present)

Do all the cables need to be cross overs?

No. Here is my rule of thumb.

END NODE --> END NODE = cross over cable
ACCESS DEVICE --> ACCESS DEVICE = cross over cable
END NODE --> ACCESS DEVICE = straight thru cable (this is MOST connections)

End Nodes = pc's, servers, printers/print servers, routers, cable modems, access points

Access Device = hub, bridge, switch

*some switches and hubs have a special port labelled "uplink" this port acts as a END NODE port so you can use straight cables between switches too. This is what I was referring to earlier.

**some switches and hubs with an uplink port have a little switch to change one port to either type by flipping the switch. Often is is a button or lever labelled "uplink" "cross-over" "midi-X" or ?

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