I have two computers which are connected to a network server. I have another computer to add to the network, but I only have two network sockets. I have an 8-port 10Base-2/T Palm Top Hub. I have plugged two of these computers into the hub, and then plugged the hub into the network socket, but I can't access the network (all i get is an orange light on the hub). Can anyone help? :cry:

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if they are both normal hubs or switches you will need one of the following:

a cross over cable between them (pins 1-3 and 2-6 crossed)

to use an uplink port on the switch or hub

To flip the "midi-midiX" switch on the "uplink" port on one device or the other (if present)


No. Here is my rule of thumb.

END NODE --> END NODE = cross over cable
ACCESS DEVICE --> ACCESS DEVICE = cross over cable
END NODE --> ACCESS DEVICE = straight thru cable (this is MOST connections)

End Nodes = pc's, servers, printers/print servers, routers, cable modems, access points

Access Device = hub, bridge, switch

*some switches and hubs have a special port labelled "uplink" this port acts as a END NODE port so you can use straight cables between switches too. This is what I was referring to earlier.

**some switches and hubs with an uplink port have a little switch to change one port to either type by flipping the switch. Often is is a button or lever labelled "uplink" "cross-over" "midi-X" or ?

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