Basically I bought a linksys wireless access point and connected it to my router

the first 2 or 3 days, it worked absolutly fine and i was happy

but the last 2 days, the connection has been rubbish and keeps losing the connection

It connects for a while, then it loses connection.then when i try to reconnect, it doesnt pick up my access point at all, then after a while of playing about, it shows up, thjen when i connect, after a while, it messes up again

can anyone help me thanks

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have you tried restarting the access point, OR making sure the arieal is acctually screwed in tight?


i read on this forum that try to TURN OFF THE SAVING POWER MODE under the hardware section

and so far all good

lets see how long it lasts

ill come bakc if any problem continues


for other people searching this forum later, another cause of a good wireless network going bad is peole around you adding wireless. To check this power off your AP and see if you are getting strong signals on channels 1, 6, and 11. If these are congested it will effect ALL channels.

I run an older 30 milliwatt Cisco AP with a little rubber duck antenna. A few of my neighbors have newer 100 milliwatt AP's, it doesn't interfere inside my house but if I go outside I get their signal over mine. If I was still living in my old apartment it would be a serious problem.


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NOW IT DOESNT EVEN CONNECT, and nor does it pick up the access point
it says no wireless connection was found

someone mentioned that there was something wrong with the linksys chips?

is that whats causing my problem


same thing is happening to me i hate routers gosh im thinking about just buying a d link and the hell with it...

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