I have a wireless router netgear WGR 614 v6 for a few years and the connection is through cable insight. did not notice any problems til three four weeks ago,pages do not load, pages need reloaded several times before getting loaded,the connection speed reads 54mpbs.got tired of it and called the company, a tech showed up did a lot of whatever and tells me the cable is fine and admits that he cannot find the reason for for the trouble i described earlier, he experienced the same on my wireless connection on my laptop. I suggested that he connect my laptop straight to the cable and check, lo and behold the speed has dramatically improved and no more reloads needed.He still has no clue, and I concluded there must be something with the router. NOW, why now and is there something that could be done or just buy a new router and hope it fixes the problem. Thanks for your help in advance

Buy a new router and hope it fixes the problem. Get a WRT54G. There are things you could do for diagnostics but it takes a long time and in my opinion isn't it. I would rather spend $50 and get on with things :)

There can be sometimes connection problems in the router so whenever it slows down just examine the connections and tighten each one of them this might fix the problem.