hello every one..
after that i have a network printer that is old one. that have a network card taht is Token Ring network card . that is not pci not isa.now i want to conncet it to my small ethernet network can i do this if soo.

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it would make things easier for both of us if you could provide more specific details. Brand/Model/Age... and other things you think is relevant.. :)


the model is HP LASER JET 5L.
it is in old one. that have a token ring NIC CARD. the problum is can i use it in ethernet network
?or not what i can do


I looked into it and your printer is capable of networking. However I don't believe you will need the card. A simple IEEE 1284 cable should do, unless of course you do not have that port/ then you will need a card. info about your printer can be found at the HP home page here Hope that helps some :lol:

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