Hi everyone, the college I go to blocks file sharing obviously for the reason of file sharing. I have no problem with this except for the fact that you cant play xbox live with other people at the school. Anyone know any way that you can get around this?

This is another question that falls into the category of "I want to break the rules because my needs clearly supersede the rights of the overall community"

There are a couple of options;

1) Make a case for the legitimization of X-Box live as a supported application on the campus network. (good luck with that)

2) Build your own network and connect your friends off of the campus network via a resource you "own".

The basic theme here is your admins have many reasons for blocking your X-box Live traffic in addition to the file sharing applications.

I won't offer any ways to subvert their network. It is my ardent hope no one else in this community will either.

If you think you have a case hash it out with them and legitimize the traffic. Otherwise adhere to the user agreement you signed as part of gaining access to the campus network.