Hello all,

I've setup a Linksys 2 WAN port RV042 router at one of our client's place. Client's requirement was to boost-up the Internet speed and add their 2 ISP's bandwidth to use as ONE with their LAN(1.5Mbps+1.5Mbps=3Mbps) and to a failover solution(If ISP1 goes down, ISP2 should be running without the notice of thier users)

The situtation before I setup the Router:

Ubuntu Server(Gateway) is configured with 2 NICs to act as Firewall and Proxy(IpTables+SQUID3, Transparent+DHCP) NIC1 = eth0 and NIC2 = eth1. NAT configured

ISP1 is directly connected eth0 and eth1 is connected to internal swtich where all desktops are DHCP configured.

When ISP1 fails, client used to manually unplug ISP1 and plug-in ISP2 and restart networking

All was working fine with the above configuration. But "failover" was the issue.

The situation now(after Installing router)

Router is DHCP configured and Load Balancing configured.

ISP1 is connected to WAN1 and ISP2 to WAN2 of Linsys router.

Router's LAN port is connected to eth0. eth0 take IPs from router's DHCP.

Now the users are able to browse and failover is working fine too.

But users are very frequently getting "Timed out, SQUID cannot find the requested domain in cache" error!

When this error occurs, I've checked reconnecting eth0 to ISP1 or 2 directly and test...it works fine!

DHCP is configured to give both ISP's DNS to workstations. So every system will have 4 DNS(ISP1 & ISP2)

Anybody configured this Linksys 2 WAN port RV042 router ? Please help me.

Thanks & Regards,

Can you set the isp's dns in the linksys and have the workstations use the linksys's ip and the dns? Can you set the workstations to use a public dns that will work on both isp's. I would think 4 dns on 2 isp's would be confusing the equipment.

Thanks freshfitz, actually I've set the both ISP's DNS in Linksys and also at workstations(4 DNS)...yes, might be confusing!

Need help please...how do I get it done...?