Hi. I've just set a small network with a mercury router a KOB BR4T. I have windows XP on my machines. There are 2 comp. plugged on the network. I used windows wizard to set up my network. Afterwards I went and shared all the filles that I would need. I see all the files from both computers on both computers. I have acces to the internet on both computers. The message i get when I click on a file is : Document is not accessible. you might not have permission to use this network ressource. Contact network administrator to see if you have permission. the network path was not found. And both machines have windows firewall. I tried bypassing it or even disactavating it and the same thing happens. Please HELP

Hi my name is John and i am from Greece
I thing the solution for your problem is:
You have to apply in all of your shared folders/files the everyone permissions to full and then try again to open the shared folders/file. i hope that would help to access the folders/files.Sorry for my english.If that dont work just let me now