hi ,

My Environment :

[  Windows 98 , Linux dual boot ] , LAN , Novell Netware.
  Development using XAMPP which includes mysql, PHP,apache]

   {* This is serving the LAN as intranet but.....}

   My Need        :   

               1*    Setting up a linux server using Fedora Core 2.
               2*   Or the present system using windows 98 and XAMPP for my boss to the see the system working.

What am i developing ?: Nothing a CRM for managers and sometimes they are out of statin and then I do not know how to make this system outside LAN.

Within LAN I browse using http://192.x.x.x/<path> but I want it to be accessed as http://name.net.

Plz tell me the system requirements , and whether I need an Public IP as I have read somewhere.

My english is not good and plz do bear me.

Harish balakrishnan Marar

Apache/PHP/Perl all have windows applications, so you should be able to pull this off on the windows machine, if not FC2 is a great choice for an internal server.

First off, running the webserver on an internal ip address shouldn't be an issue, that is configured in the webserver configuration file.

Regarding the domain name; is this going to be accessed from the internet?

If not, you can just buy the domain name and point it to an internal ip address, and configure the virtual host entry in the webserver configuration.

If it is, you will need to have an eternal ip address, the easiest way to get this done is just to map the ip address to the internal ip address. This can typically be done on the ROUTER/NAT whatever you have connecting your internal machines to the internet. Once this is done, just configure the domain's DNS to point to the internet ip address. The downside of this, is if you link to your own site, your machine will have issues processing the request, unless you configure your 'hosts' file to have your domain name mapped to your internal ip address.

Hope this helped, please let me know if you need more help. :cool:


Thx for the concern.Yes, your reply has helped me gain some outline and you have really touched my need too.

I am developing a application for the Site Managers who are most of the time sending Fax, emails and some insist on paper.So, I have given this option of centralized database where they could enter their weekly reports , access Business Development Officers suggestion and plans like wise...

Now, I can get a system for the web server and I have one using XAMpp that does not involve any manual setup.

I would like to have a linux bo for the need but it is able to access the LAN systems only...I read somewhere that it uses one ethernet card for LAN and if so for accessing the internet It requires another one ...getting another one is easy but I am afraid will a person like me able to setup the Linux box as server for my application.

Actaully, I was able to start the mysql as it did not starts automatically on boot load and the /var/html/www. is not writable too.

iwold post some troubles as seperate replies I had or having now so that you get a best picture of my problems here.

I am expecting your help and advice and would like to thank you in advance for the patience with me.If I sound stupid, plz do let me know where I am not correct.I really don't know how to make this thing going.Seems I am not matured for this....If I can make this working , It would be the first success of my first proposal but I did not see that it is going to happen unless I read your message.

It has risen my dimnishing hope...


hi ,

Hope you would not mind, myself posting seperately...I am not good in english and think this would be nice way to avoid confusion.

Regarding the Domain name; Is this going to be accessed from the internet?
Yes. It would require the managers ni tour to access this application.

I request you to explain that part of your mail.

Would you like to know the setup here like nature of network, connecting device , internet access related . If that could help you I would just collect all thos e and send you as reply.

Thanking you in advacnce , I remain
Harish Balakrishnan Marar