As soon as i switched from DSL to Cable it wouldn't work on my PC but after a while it did but when i tried to hook it up to my ps2 it wouldn' work. Can anybody help with this?
Oh ya and how do u get into your Router on windows me? on my friends comp i could but not on ME and the installation CD wont work so cant do that.

What's the exact make/model of the router?

I have the same problem, I have DSL from verizon. I bought Netgear wgr614 from ebay, That guy is rude and wont provide support. Neither is he ready to take back the product for a refund.

My problem is that, When i connect the router the internet LED, Power LED and the number of the port i connect my computer glows. That means everything is fine, right ?

Now when i try next step - Open a browser and type in the router's default IP address or the URL of the router's main setup page as indicated in the documentation, it does not open. Actually it does not open any page, not even google. Please help, I will loose 20$ for nothing !!!

I've had some experience with a netgear, and let me tell you it is a pain in the blank to get it working with a Verizon connection. I was trying to set it up for a family member, and it didn't work. I wondered why? Well, it turns out you have configure it a certain way (i'll try to get the configuration I used over the weekend, before I move it to my network as a backup router / switch) or it won't work.

You know what I got it working myself. You just have to call verizon to change ur modem configuration to a bridge and follow the usual steps to configure the router. that's it !!!