Hi all,

I have a problem with one of my computer's network connection.
The problem:

  • cannot view any websites ("Problem loading page" error messages in firefox,"The connection has timed out").
  • cannot ping any web sites
  • cannot ping localhost
  • renewing or repairing the ip address does nothing

Im using a D-link rangebooster N 650 Desktop adapter(DWA-547), with a Netgear wireless N router.

There is nothing wrong with the internet connection, because 3 other computers in the house are connected with no problems.

this problem occurs randomly (sometimes in 10 min intervals or 1 hour intervals), after waiting about 30 seconds I can view web pages again.

the connection does NOT "drop out"("connection has no or limited connectivity") according to the "Wireless Network connection Status" icon on the bottom right of the screen.

I have tried updating the driver for the network card. It went away for a couple of days, but has now returned.

Any help would be great.

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Do you have any cordless phones in your house. Or the base station for one near the system with problems? They use frequencies very close to each other and sometimes interfere. It it is only one wireless that has problems then it is usually the environment causing the issue.

Also double check the IP4 settings for the network connection in question and make sure it is set to get settings automatically for IP and DNS.


Thanks for your reply.

Yes I have cordless phones, but the base station is in a different room to this computer. my laptop is also in the same room as the problem computer, and the laptop does not have problems.

I checked the IP4 setting, all set to automatic, on the router and the computer.

any other suggestions?


cannot ping localhost

I was ment to say that I can ping localhost, sorry.


Hey guys still haven't found a solution, anyone one got any suggestions?


Have you tried changing the channel on the router or setting it to a fixed channel and speed?

Since it is a desktop and is not used with other networks how about giving it a fixed IP address and see if it stays on line.

IF I remember correctly Netgear configures the local IP as and DHCP for the range If this is how your is setup the I suggest either setting the desktop at the address below (or setting it under "Alternate Configuration" with it set for DHCP initially):



If it down not work can you send the results from running the following commands from the command line:

ping <Or your gateway address>
ping google.com
tracert google.com


thanks for replying. I have changed my ip address to static. Haven't had a problem so far, but I'll get back to you later on today regarding the outcome of your solution.


well it seems to be working fine now, haven't had a problem all day. :)


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