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Connected TVs Become Mainstream


The TV market is entering a new stage, as Internet connected TVs shipments surge. According to the latest DisplaySearch Quarterly TV Design and Features Report , Internet connectivity has emerged as a key feature in TVs this year.

This survey of 2010 product ranges from leading brands reveals that 55% of TV models available across Japan, North America, Europe, China and India have Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) capability. This is expected to convert to over 45 million connected TV sets, 19% of flat panel TV shipments in 2010. The connected segment is forecasted to reach 119 million units in 2014, accounting for 42% of all TVs shipped worldwide.

Paul Gray, Director of TV Electronics Research at DisplaySearch states DLNA has been a solution in search of a problem for some time, but now with the surge in media streaming, it has found its place. Media streaming will create business opportunities for TV set makers, broadcasters and retailers. And as a result, consumers will have new viewing choices.

Additionally, the research covers the progress made in the development of energy efficient TVs, as well as enabling technologies such as LED backlights, which are forecast to be in over 80% of LCD TVs shipped in 2014. Its analysis of the latest energy regulations notes that while California is a leader in energy standards, with its 2013 California Energy Commission standard considered by some to ambitious even last year, the shift in technology and increased focus on energy has allowed some TV sets to use only half the power necessary for compliance.

Other aspects of the report includes details of key featuring of new 3D models launched by TV makers and forecasting for MPEG-4 decoding and the digital broadcast environment around the world.

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